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Personal Training


SaskatoonFitnessPrograms Maximize your time with a focused individualized program and exercise routine to achieve your goals.
SaskatoonFitnessPrograms Accountability to your workouts and professional direction to ensure proper technique and optimal performance.
SaskatoonFitnessPrograms Avoid the additional cost of gym membership fees.
SaskatoonFitnessPrograms Exercise in a comfortable and more private environment.
SaskatoonFitnessPrograms Learn how to gain maximum value from any existing home gym, office equipment, or outside resources.

Performance Training & Fitness offers a unique opportunity to develop a long-term successful fitness program in line with your personal goals that is also sensible, functional and valuable in achieving greater health and longevity for life. This mobile service brings a Certified Personal Trainer to you. I will offer you consistent support and motivation throughout the entire time we are working together! I will design the best workout routine for your fitness level and goals.

We will work together to help you work harder, more consistently and more efficiently than you would on your own or in a large group. I will implement alternative forms of exercise, adding variety to each workout. We will educate you on how your body functions and how to train it, in a safe effective manner to achieve the results you want!

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