Orchid Dental


Our dental health centre features a modern West Coast design incorporating natural materials with calming music and lighting. We keep a fresh stock of liquid refreshments, current magazines and offer big cozy lounge chairs. Every room features a large flat panel TV with a selection of television channels to help you relax during your treatment.

We run on-time

We understand that our patients have busy lives and limited time to visit Orchid Dental. We are therefore committed to keeping the schedule running on time for your convenience.


At Orchid Dental, we have invested in some of the latest technologies to improve your quality of care and comfort. We are continually improving our standard of care and adding new technology as the research proves it worthy.

Digital X-rays
Our digital panoramic and intra-oral radiology systems provide virtually instant images using significantly less radiation than conventional film techniques. This reduces your exposure to x-rays and allows us to show you large images on the monitors to help you better understand your diagnosis and treatment options. Digital x-ray technology also benefits the environment by eliminating the need for toxic film processing chemicals.

The robotic x-ray machine we use for panoramic pictures also features the ability to take annual 'bitewings' from the outside of the mouth. This is much more

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