Monarch Pediatric Dental Centre
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First Visit
Parents are encouraged to be present during the child's first visit. The first visit allows us to get to know you and your child and allow us to form a plan to best treat your child. If you have a specific concern, please let us know so that we can meet that need first. During the first visit we would like to do a complete examination of your child's mouth. Dental radiographs are an important part of this examination, they help identify dental cavities and other conditions that can not be seen by a visual examination alone.

How can you help your child?
We will strive to create a trusting, positive environment for your child. You are an important part of a successful appointment. Your confidence in our ability to treat your child in a manner you would want her/him to be treated will be sensed by your child. Special thought is given to each child to insure that all aspects of dentistry will be introduced in a positive way. We will deal honestly with each procedure, explaining the instruments and steps involved.

Our office fee is a reflection of our specialized service we provide for your children. We bill directly for the services provided, and assist you in preparing and sending the claim to your insurance company. The insurance company will then reimburse you directly. We encourage you to discuss openly the cost of treatment. We know that like any worthwhile service you must plan for dentistry.

As of July 1st 2002, the government sponsored insurance programs no longer pay for all of your child's dental treatments. You will be responsible for the difference between our office fee and the government sponsored insurance coverage on the day of your treatment.

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