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Group Classes

We offer unsurpassed dance instruction focusing on technique and musicality. Our group classes are designed for teens and adults (ages 15 and up). Several group classes are offered each week in all dance styles and levels. Partners are encouraged but not necessary and we strive to keep the male/female ratio as even as possible. Students are also given the opportunity to practice their steps with several different dance partners, should they wish. This accomplishes two things: you get used to dancing with different partners and you get the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends in the Calgary’s salsa scene.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available in all Latin styles and levels of dance with any of our instructors. This personalized attention gives you the opportunity to focus on mastering footwork, styling and technique. You may share your lessons with a partner at no additional fee! Private Lessons are 55 minutes long and focus on musicality, style, patterns, and footwork. Discounted private packages are available in groups. Private lessons are by appointment and are scheduled based on your convenience and instructor availability.

Student Parties

Our goal is not only to train you in the studio, we also want you to gain the confidence to get out to the clubs and dance! To facilitate this we organize the now-famous “Students Night Out”, where we organize an evening out to one of Calgary’s salsa clubs. We introduce you to other Mambo Production Students and of course we get you out on the floor dancing!

Performance Opportunities

We are pleased to present our Student Showcase at the end of each session. It gives all students who wish to perform an opportunity to showcase their talents along with their fellow students.

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