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Kelowna Cardiology Associates has 9 medical doctors working at the centre; three are interventional cardiologists and six are general cardiologists. Consults are done at the office on a referral basis only. Referrals must be made by the patient's general practitioner.

Services offered by our clinic: 1.Treadmill stress testing 2.Private stress testing for insurance 3.Holter monitors 4.Outpatient ECGs

Procedures such as angiography and angioplasty are performed in the cath lab at Kelowna General Hospital.

After a cardiac incident, rehabilitation is recommended to be done at the COACH (Central Okanagan Association for Cardiac Health) clinic, which is located right above the cardiology office at #204 - 2622 Pandosy Street. There, the patients will receive very informative post-cardiac incident care from exercise specialists, dieticians, pharmacists, etc. Patients will also learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

*Please keep in mind that our office is a scent-free environment for everyone's comfort. Please do not wear any colognes or perfumes to your appointment.

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