Fit N Well Personal Training
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It is common knowledge that the more fit and healthy we are, the more energy we have and the less often we will be sick. Fit people walk with more of a bounce in their step. It is easier to be happy when we have more energy, and feel better about ourselves. This radiant feeling of health and vitality reflects upon us and the company that we represent at every contact and every call we make.

At Fit 'N' Well, we are committed to helping corporations keep their employees healthy. Exercise classes, nutritional seminars, personal training and seated massage are a few of the ways that we contribute to helping people get on the road to a more healthy lifestyle and an improved level of fitness and well being.

Greg has been doing speaking engagements at corporations since 1998. From someone who spent the majority of his life overweight, he speaks directly without the “sugar coating” that people are so used to hearing. Greg’s topics include weight loss, strategies on lessening or eliminating back pain, improving posture to help lessen back pain and improve aesthetic appearance and strategies on getting your office active. Click here to link to the public speaking rates page.

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