Family Counselling Centre

Any information you share with your counsellor will be kept private and confidential. If you need to share confidential information with a third party, please discuss that with your counsellor. 

In order to provide you with the best help possible, your counsellor may want to share or obtain information with a third party, for example, your physician. If that is the case you will be asked to sign a release of information form.  Information is released only with your informed consent and written permission.

Limits to confidentiality:
Your counsellor is required by law and ethics to share information without your consent when:

1.a child may be in need of protection from harm prevent suicide
3.there is a threat of harm toward others
4.the courts issue an order to release information

Counselling services
Our goal is to provide professional, confidential counselling in a safe and structured environment where you can feel heard, discuss problems, set goals, and take action toward those goals.

Counselling services available are:
•stress at home or work
•grief and loss
•life transitions
•alcohol and drugs
•spiritual issues

•conflict resolution
•separation and divorce

•family counselling
•family violence
•impact of alcohol and drugs
Adolescents and Children
•communicating with parents
•success at school
•stress and emotional issues
•alcohol and drugs
•trouble with friends and peers

Workplace and Career
•Health and wellness in the workplace
•conflict resolution
•dealing with difficult people
•increasing job satisfaction
•balance between work and home
•helping set and evaluate goals
•concerns about use of alcohol or drugs
•assessing and developing career potential
•post career and retirement planning
•outplacement consulting
•disability management and advocacy
•planning to return to work

•assessment, education, treatment, referral
•relapse prevention
•effect of addiction on families, the workplace and others

Critical Incidents
•group debriefing (school, workplace, community, family)
•individual debriefing
•post traumatic stress and trauma counseling

•custody and access assessments
•expert witness: substance abuse

•assessment and referral

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