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At Ellis Dental, we take a comprehensive approach to patient care. Our team will take the time to present you with photos and show you our reasoning behind our treatment recommendations. We place a strong emphasis on transparency and would like to be your partner in achieving your oral health care goals. This can range from simple maintenance to a complete smile makeover. We can also offer an evaluation of jaw joint pain and even botox treatment. Whatever your goals may be, we are here to help educate and facilitate!

Dr. Thom Evans Dr. Thom Evans will also be travelling to TONGA where he will be undertaking a dental mission in coordination with the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. Dr. Evans will be sending us stories, photos and hopefully some videos of the many communities he travels to during his mission as he brings his years of experience, kind heart and dental know how to those less fortunate then us here in Chestermere. We are wishing Dr. Evans and his wife Cheryl a very safe and blessed journey. Stay tuned to our website and facebook page for updates from Dr. Evans. Dr. Evans holistic patients will be happy to know that Dr. Ellis who shares the same training and philosophies as Dr. Evans will be here to continue to provide the same level of care that they are accustomed to until Dr. Evans returns from his mission. Dr. Pandya

Relationships – We care about you. We believe relationships take time………and good, honest communication. Our team commits to taking the time necessary to get to know YOU, LISTEN to your concerns and provide valuable EDUCATION so you can make an INFORMED DECISION about your oral health.

Choice – I believe everyone should know all the options for their oral health and be able to choose for themselves without judgment. There will never be any pressure, just options.

Comprehensive Care – As a mouth doctor, I will not only provide a thorough check of your teeth, it is also my job to check your head and neck for lumps and bumps, provide an oral cancer screen in your mouth and throat, assess your airway and sleep, check your bite and jaw joint, and completely check your gum and bone health. This is all part of a healthy mouth leading to a healthy body. We will always be thorough and go above and beyond. Let’s face it, if we as dentists don’t check and monitor this head and neck area of your body, who will??

Advanced Technology/Techniques and Quality Materials – My mantra has always been staying current and use the best. And when you come to visit us you will see we use the most current technologies available including digital x-ray, lasers, digital impressions, digital photography, ozone machines, and the list goes on. – There are literally thousands of dental products and materials to choose from varying degrees of cost and quality. My belief is I am only going to use the very best, long-lasting and biocompatible materials for my patients. This is in line with my belief of promoting health and longevity in the dental work we do. Staying Current and Life Long Learning Dentistry, just like medicine, is constantly changing. Every month there is new information and advancements. As a result, I spend an average of 3-4 days per month in a classroom, learning about the best dentistry has to offer because I believe my patients deserve nothing less.

Quality care is a team effort. It takes an entire team to run a quality dental clinic. I am so proud and grateful to have the team I have. They truly are just great people. They are honest, caring and extremely knowledgeable and well trained at what they do.

So thank you for taking the time to read what I consider to be the coles notes version of what we are all about at Ellis Dental. If you are looking for a caring group of people who work hard every day to provide excellent, up-to-date, health-based, personalized care, then we are that clinic and we truly look forward to meeting you!!

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