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Dr. Torgerson performs a diversity of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures – all focused around his area of specialization in nasal and facial plastic surgery. Please review your options for the type of procedure you are looking for – something we can discuss in person at your consultation.

It’s only natural to have concerns and expectations a bout getting cosmetic surgery, which can and should be addressed before moving forward. Dr. Torgerson would be happy to talk this over with you – although any decision is yours alone to make.

Dr. Torgerson believes that any improvements you seek should enhance and reflect your essential self. Our role is to help you make those changes that really make sense for you – and to establish a comfort level so you can make your decision with confidence.

Dr. Torgerson can help you look at your options during the initial private consultation process – all without your having to make any kind of commitment. He can walk you through the process and visualize the potential results – providing everything you need to make a well-informed, balanced decision.

Keep in mind that there are both anatomical and psychological factors to consider. Moreover, timing is key – in terms of the age, level of maturity, life situation and emotional stability of the patient. For example, we would never advise any form of elective surgery during times of personal stress or upheaval. Far better to wait until you feel ready and your mind is confident and clear.

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