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Pre-School Age Kinder Classes
Dance West offers affordable Kinder Classes. The first Kinder Class is offered at a very reasonable rate of $40 monthly. Those having so much fun in their first class can take each second or third Kinder Class for only $30 monthly! Classes available include Kinder Ballet , Kinder Jazz and Stage Combo, Kinder Ballet and Jazz Combo and NEW Kinder Boys Hip Hop. Each are included as on stage performance at the year end recital! Contact us anytime for more detailed Kinder Class descriptions.

Artistic Director Caroline Water’s vast experience with children both as an instructor and parent allows for a special sensitivity to the needs of these youngest of talents. Through extremely caring professional instruction and guidance, your child will have the most positive and fun filled experience possible for what is likely their very first exposure to the world of dance.

Aside from properly learning the fundamentals of their specific dance style, these little show stoppers will leave class with a love of dance, a smile, new friends, good posture, an ability to focus and remain attentive during class, and usually even a sticker or two!

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