2013 / 01 / 06

HealthChoicesFirst.com Announces Appointment of Dr. Amin Javer to Medical Board


Dr. Amin Javer
MD, FRCFC, FARS, Otolaryngologist

December 20, 2012 (VANCOUVER) HealthChoicesFirst.com is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Amin Javer to the Medical Board. Dr. Javer is an otolaryngologist who  is currently the director of rhinologic and fellowship training at UBC and director of the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre. He specializes in the medical and surgical management of nasal and sinus disease, including the management of acute and chronic sinusitis with endoscopic computer assisted sinus surgery (CASS).

Dr. Javer has a special interest in FESS (functional endoscopic sinus surgery), fungal sinus disease and frontal sinus surgery. He has varied research interests with over 40 research publications and holds numerous professional memberships. 

“We're excited that Dr. Amin Javer is the first otolaryngologist to join Health Choices First,” says Jackson Sayers, CEO, HealthChoicesFirst.com. “Allergies, sinus and nasal conditions are a growing problem, and Dr. Javer will be helping us build a comprehensive team of medical specialists and content to provide the very best information to educate our users.”
HealthChoicesFirst.com is a national health and wellness directory that connects North Americans with providers such as physicians, dentists and physiotherapists based on their geographic location, and features over 1,500 solution-based videos and articles. With resources on topics such as diabetes, nutrition, fitness, prenatal and postnatal health, sexual health and sports injuries, HealthChoicesFirst.com is the largest provider of video content of its kind in North America. Health Choices First is backed by a number of qualified and experienced partners, and continues to expand its medical and corporate governance boards across the country.

Visit HealthChoicesFirst.com for more information on the medical and corporate governance board members. 

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