What is a Wealth Advisor?

Sean Fahy discusses wealth advisors.

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Sean Fahy discusses wealth advisors.
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Featuring Sean Fahy, Bcomm, Financial Planner

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In addition to investment management, a Wealth Advisor will quarterback a team of experts that might include a financial planner, insurance specialists, retirement planners, private banking and taxation experts.

A Wealth Advisor will call upon a specialist in each of these fields when a client situation warrants it. Issues that might be examined will include a will review, philanthropic goals, income and asset protection, retirement planning and other such issues.

An important first step in a successful advisor client relationship is an investment policy statement. A Wealth Advisor will take a holistic view of an overall client situation in order to develop comprehensive solutions to meet their needs.

Presenter: Mr. Sean Fahy, Business Coach, Vancouver, BC

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