What is a Dental Implant?

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Dr. Dino Georgas, BSc, DMD, MSD, Cert. Perio, FCDS(BC),discusses dental implants.
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Featuring Dr. Dino Georgas, BSc, DMD, MSD, Cert. Perio, FCDS(BC)

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Well, a dental implant is a proven technology to replace a missing tooth.

The implant is made out of titanium, and it has the same shape as a threaded screw would, and it allows us to replace the missing root. The implant can be placed into the area of the mouth where the tooth is missing, allows the bone to fuse to the implant so it's solid.

And then, secondarily, a dentist can place a post and a crown on top of the implant, so you can function, chew and smile normally and it will give you the appearance of a naturally-occurring tooth.

Different types of implants are available. Different types of companies have different technology, but they all are similar in that they allow us to restore the tooth with a crown.

The anatomy of the implant can be narrower if there's a smaller tooth missing or it can be wider in the back if there's a wider tooth that's missing. Either way, the implant anatomy is diverse enough so that we can make any tooth look natural, and replace any tooth missing in the mouth.

If you're interested in dental implants the best place to start would be your dentist and they can direct you to the proper sources to get proper treatment.

Presenter: Dr. Dino Georgas, Periodontist, Vancouver, BC

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