Treatment for Acne Scarring

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Dermatologist, discusses treatment of acne scarring.

Dermatologist, discusses treatment of acne scarring.

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Featuring Dr. Jan Dank, MD
Treatment for Acne Scarring
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Acne does scar, particularly the deeper nodules and cysts, and the best way to treat acne scarring is to prevent it by getting on treatment before it scars.

Once the acne is well-treated and controlled, there are surgical and laser options for treating acne scarring, but they’re not until the condition is controlled. And in a lot of patients, it’s actually done after they’ve recovered from their acne and they're now just dealing with the scarring afterwards.

Acne scar treatment can significantly diminish the appearance of scars. What happens is that scars catch shadows, and so you see them. So the scar treatment aims to replace one type of scar that’s creating a shadow with another type of scar that doesn’t create the shadow. So you still have scarring after acne scar treatment; it’s just not as visible.

You don’t need to suffer from acne. It’s a treatable condition. Please seek out your primary care physician or a dermatologist and get treatment if your acne is a significant problem in your life.

Presenter: Dr. Jan Peter Dank, Dermatologist, Bellingham, WA

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