Treating a Muscle Pull

Jody Wiebe, physiotherapist, discusses muscle pull treatment.

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Jody Wiebe, physiotherapist, discusses muscle pull treatment.
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Featuring Jody Wiebe, Physiotherapist

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For soccer players who have had a pulled muscle, in the first 48 to 72 hours following the injury, the RICE protocol should be followed. So rest, icing the muscle involved, compression – so wrapping the area in a light tensor bandage to minimize additional swelling, and elevation.

Other examples of muscle groups that can be strained or pulled in soccer specifically, as well as other sports are the quadricep muscle, which is the front of the thigh, as well as the calf muscle, which is the back of the lower leg.

For soccer players wanting to know more about recovery technology for muscle pulls, they can speak to their physician and their physiotherapist.

Presenter: Ms. Jody Wiebe, Physiotherapist, Surrey, BC

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