Soft Tissue Injuries Developed in Baseball

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Johnny Yiu, physiotherapist, discusses soft tissue injuries in baseball.

Johnny Yiu, physiotherapist, discusses soft tissue injuries in baseball.

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What happens in soft tissue is that there's microtrauma that happens within the muscle fiber or the ligament or tendon.

There are lots of fibers within each tissue of our body. Some of those fibers may tear and cause us a little bit of pain. Common muscles that are injured within baseball players are hamstring pulls, groin strains and also ankle rolls.

You may see some shoulder pulls and elbow strains with the throwing nature of the sport as well. For example, when a baseball player has to run to the batter's box or extend to get the extra base, that reaching motion of the leg may injury your hamstring if the hamstring isn't sufficiently stretched or mobilized. Groin in the same manner with side-to-side motions as in diving for a ball in the hole or lunging to make a leaping catch.

For the shoulder, there are different angles you have to throw the baseball at when you're an infielder or outfielder, and playing with those different angles may have different strains to that elbow and shoulder complex.

If you have more questions about the severity of your injury or the stages of healing for soft tissue injuries, I recommend you contact your physiotherapist or sport med doctor to get more information about this.

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