The Big Plus to Humor and Relationships

David Granirer, counselor, discusses The Big Plus to Humor and Relationships.

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David Granirer, counselor, discusses The Big Plus to Humor and Relationships.
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Featuring David Granirer, Counselor

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Humor is the glue that holds couples together, having those shared experiences with people laugh together, when they experience joy, when they have a good time together. It’s what gives the relationship that sense of bonding.

In order to use that sense of humor, it helps if both people are able to be self-deprecating, they’re able to laugh at a variety of situations, they don’t take themselves too seriously, and they in general are willing to share those qualities with the other person.

If a relationship has started off with a wonderful joyous sense of humor – and often, relationships do – and sometimes after going through a period, they can lose that sense of joy and euphoria, and humor. Often, that’s normal because, at the beginning of a relationship, all sorts of chemicals are firing off in your body that eventually stop firing off after six months or a year, and become more ordinary.

However, couples can still engage that humor and continue to keep it going, doing thing together that they both derive enjoyment through, and also of taking time to share funny things. If they have a favorite show they watch together, or a favorite comedian they like to watch, it helps to bring them together and to give them that repertoire of shared experience of togetherness and joy.

If people have questions or want to know more about developing that sense of humor, there are some self-help books they can check out. They can also talk to, if they’re seeing a couples’ counselor or a therapist, or someone like that, also engage that person and see what they have to say.

Presenter: Mr. David Granirer, Counselor, Vancouver, BC

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