Concerns About Exercising at a Later Age

Dr. David Matheson, MD, FRCPC, Retired Physician, discusses concerns of exercising at a later age.

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Dr. David Matheson, MD, FRCPC, Retired Physician, discusses concerns of exercising at a later age.
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Featuring Dr. David Matheson, MD, FRCPC, Retired Physician

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So when I started, I decided I wanted to have a little bit of advice from somebody else, so I spoke to my family doctor and that helped a lot.

That was for the jogging. When I started my sort of weightlifting thing, I went to the trainer and I took a few examples from him about what to do with the weights and how to work the machines and had a few lessons and that worked really well. I wanted to try to force myself to do the weight training though on my own to see if I had that stick-to-it-iveness to do it.

So, I said six weeks, I'm going to give myself six weeks, two or three times a week, and if I don't feel the difference after that I will maybe slow down. I felt a difference. It was great.

I had a few injuries and I did see a couple physiotherapists to try and help one time with an elbow and one time with a foot and the physiotherapists helped a lot for those sorts of things. There are people out there who have all sorts of interests and expertise in exercise physiology, exercise problems. It's really worth keeping in touch with them as you need them.

When you are exercising, there's different phases you go through. At the start, I strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor, particularly if you're older. You want to know that everything is okay and that you should be able to do that. I think that's fine.

Sometimes you are going to need expertise in training so go to a trainer, go to a kinesiologist, try to find out who is going to give you the right advice and help you with some technique and things.

Bad technique can lead to injuries. If you do get an injury, there 's lots of people that can help you with that. Physiotherapists are really great. Sports physiologists, physiotherapists are just fantastic. Kinesiologists can help a lot. Massage therapists are really great when there's that muscle injury that you just want to try to slow down.

So, there's lots of people out there to help you. You're the one that has to provide the incentive to do it and the will to do it, but lots of people will help you when the problems come up. 

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Presenter: Dr. David Matheson, Pediatrician, Vancouver, BC

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