Aural Rehabilitation for Listening Skills.

Dr. Mark Hansen, MS, Au.D. Audiologist, discusses aural rehab in conjunction with the treatment of hearing loss.

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Dr. Mark Hansen, MS, Au.D. Audiologist, discusses aural rehab in conjunction with the treatment of hearing loss.
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Featuring Dr. Mark Hansen, MS, Au.D., Audiologist

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Aural rehab is used in conjunction with the treatment of hearing loss.  

Hearing aids are used to treat hearing loss so that you can hear better. Oral rehabilitation improves listening skills. There are a number of different programs available to improve listening skills for rehabilitation one of which is called LACE.  

LACE stands for Listening and Comprehension Enhancement, and it’s used for exactly those reasons, to improve listening skills. Patients use LACE software at home in the comfort of their everyday environment.

What they hear from the computer is speech stimuli; so they hear a series of sentences such as speech and noise, rapid speech, speech that is muffled, and speech that’s missing detail. Their task is to repeat back each of those sentences as best they can.

There are other evidence-based oral rehab programs out there. LACE is the most widely known and most widely used by audiologists. Other methods of oral rehab consist of gatherings in groups to discuss hearing loss, the effects of hearing loss, and effective use of hearing aids. Also, effective listening strategies are a must for anybody that does wear hearing instruments and is having any kind of difficulty with their hearing.

So if you’re interested in beginning an oral rehab program for yourself, whether you have hearing loss that’s not treated, whether you’re wearing hearing instruments for your hearing loss, or whether you have normal hearing instruments and want to improve your communication skills, you should contact a registered audiologist to begin the process.

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Presenter: Dr. Mark Hansen, Audiologist, Vancouver, BC

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