Ms. Cynthia Miller, Hypnotherapist, Vancouver, BC

Ms. Cynthia Miller

Ms. Cynthia Miller

MindSet Coach
Vancouver, BC
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Cynthia Miller founded Pacific Peace Healing Arts to offer education, coaching and mentoring to help others be the best they can be through the power of their mind.

With MindSet Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing, Cynthia skillfully and with divine guidance helps participants release the beliefs that hold them back to create a clear vision of their future.

Included in her coaching program is a 2 day personal healing retreat at Pacific Peace Retreat on the Sunshine Coast of BC

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Recent Health Talk Comments by Ms. Cynthia Miller

  • 03 June 2015
    I've been keeping track of how much water I drink and I find it's like other aspects of my life where I have to be organized and track my progress if I'm going to accomplish something. It's great to have a goal but if you don't have a plan that makes this easy, it won't last long. Water seems to be the secret ingredient for healthy bodies. And there are so many ideas out there to dress it up with fruit. Simply allow cut and cleaned fruit or herbs like mint and parsley to lend their oils and flavours out when placed in fresh drinking water for at least 12 hours. Use a big jug with a spigot and it's easy to pour from the fridge. We have these at our Women's Detox Retreats and I love it!
  • 14 April 2015
    Hypnotherapy works well for creating a healthy mindset for a very high percentage of people who are open to learn more about how the mind works and practice techniques for self hypnosis. We turn to food for many reasons so when you dig a little deeper and release feelings of inadequacy, self doubt and negative self talk, you view yourself differently and become more empowered to say no to temptations. Hypnotherapy makes it easier to get to the gym and choose healthy food because you released the block that prevented you from creating habits that you consciously know are good for you. Many people turn to hypnotherapy for weight loss and improve more than just their eating habits. It's a tool that really empowers you to see more possibilities and be your best.
  • 05 March 2015
    Hypnotherapy could help Alicia change her mindset to become more in tune with what her body is telling her. She can set her intention to be satisfied on smaller portions and push food away when she feels full. She can take control of her thoughts of worry and create more positive visions of a slim trim healthy body as she falls asleep at night and focus on the goal instead of "what if" scenarios. She can release the energy of whatever is preventing her from seeing her beauty from within so she has more confidence in herself and takes responsibility for her actions and her health. When she was pregnant she had the mindset that she was "eating for two" and she let that be her excuse or reason for losing control. It's easy to make excuses and blame others but when you realize the power you have by creating the supporting mindset in your subconscious mind the results are extraordinary.

Hypnotherapist Health Talks – Take a look at your local options in Vancouver

  • danbilsker mentalhealth
    If you’re feeling the Health Effects of Work-Related Stress, you might work with a physician, counsellor and exercise specialist. To help your mind approach situations differently, make an appointment with a Hypnotherapist in Vancouver, BC, such as Ms. Cynthia Miller.
  • nutrition diet
    In the case of Weight Loss and Slow Metabolism, your health care team may involve everyone from a nutritionist to an endocrinologist. To change your mindset about eating habits, you could consider a Hypnotherapist in Vancouver, BC, such as Ms. Cynthia Miller.

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