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Kerry Goulet was born and raised in Winnipeg and now resides in Toronto. He spent 15 years playing professional Ice Hockey in the European League before retiring in 2001. Kerry ended his career on 2000 points with his jersey (#29) being retired to the International section of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Today Kerry coaches, and plays hockey as well teaches about concussions. In his career, Kerry suffered three documented concussions, knowing firsthand the effects of post concussion syndrome. Since retiring Kerry has focused all his efforts into generating awareness in regards to concussions and neurotrauma through stopconsussions, shoot for a cure and other charity organisations aimed at head and spine research and education. In 2012 he co-authored the book “Concussed” with Keith Primeau. is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to the awareness, education and prevention of the cause, effects and consequences of concussions and neurotrama injuries. Stopconcussions co-founders Kerry Goulet and Keith Primeau, both former professional Ice Hockey players, have suffered concussions throughout their careers and saw the importance of driving awareness of concussions and the long term damage that can be caused, not only from playing sport but as simple as a child falling over in the playground.

It is about educating parents, athletes, coaches and referees on the symptoms of concussions and to ensure that if they or someone they know have suffered a blow to the head that they allow the brain time to heal before returning to activity to avoid a second concussion. A second concussion can result in Second Impact Syndrome, a rare condition that can occur when symptoms from a first injury has not cleared, resulting in a loss of control of the Brain’s supply which increases the pressure inside the head and can lead to herniation to the brain.

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