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Dr. Mancini is a chiropractor with a strong educational background and a patient-centered approach to treatment. Her journey in healthcare and chiropractic care reflects her commitment to helping patients achieve active and pain-free lives. She began her educational journey by obtaining a Bachelor of Science from McMaster University, indicating a solid foundation in scientific principles and knowledge. Following her undergraduate studies, she pursued her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC). This academic path provided her with the necessary skills and expertise to become a chiropractor. Dr. Mancini's treatment style combines spinal manipulation and soft tissue therapy, emphasizing a well-rounded approach to chiropractic care. In addition to hands-on therapies, she places a strong focus on patient education and rehabilitation. Her goal is to empower her patients by equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to lead active and pain-free lives. During her time at CMCC, Dr. Mancini actively engaged in the Interprofessional Educational Council, demonstrating her commitment to fostering relationships between chiropractors and other healthcare disciplines. This interprofessional approach aligns with the modern trend of collaborative healthcare, where different healthcare professionals work together to provide comprehensive care to patients. Dr. Mancini's prior practice experience includes internships at both the CMCC Campus Clinic and St. Michael's Hospital Clinic. These experiences likely provided her with valuable clinical exposure and an understanding of diverse patient populations and healthcare settings. Outside of her professional life, Dr. Mancini enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family. Her interests include exploring local communities, cooking, and reading, which suggests a well-rounded and balanced approach to life.

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It's great that you're considering chiropractic care for various conditions. Chiropractors can indeed provide treatments to address neuromusculoskeletal issues, including those related to scoliosis, hip and pelvis pain, and shoulder arthritis. However, it's important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional, such as a local chiropractor, to determine the most appropriate treatment approach for your specific situation.

For scoliosis, chiropractic care may involve spinal adjustments and exercises aimed at improving posture and reducing spinal curvature. A chiropractor can assess the severity of scoliosis and provide appropriate treatment recommendations.

In the case of hip and pelvis pain, chiropractors can assess the underlying cause of the pain and provide treatments such as spinal adjustments, soft tissue therapy, exercises, and other modalities to alleviate symptoms and promote healing.

Regarding shoulder arthritis, chiropractors may offer non-surgical treatment options to help manage the condition. These options can include rest, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs), chiropractic adjustments to improve range of motion, corticosteroid injections, and heat/cold therapy. However, the specific treatment plan would depend on the individual's condition and should be discussed with a chiropractor.

Remember, while chiropractic care can be beneficial for many individuals, it's important to have a thorough evaluation by a qualified healthcare professional to ensure that the treatments are appropriate for your specific needs. Consulting with a local chiropractor would allow you to discuss your condition in detail and determine the best course of action.


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