Dr. Michael Wilkins-Ho, Psychiatrist, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Michael Wilkins-Ho

Dr. Michael Wilkins-Ho

Vancouver, BC
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( Dr. Michael Wilkins-Ho, Psychiatrist, Vancouver, BC ) is in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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    Dr. Wilkins-Ho has many insecurities. He has to use his wife's last name. He failed twice in his psychiatry exams. Often at the mental health team he worked before, he often sucks up to the other psychiatrist. As a patient in groups, I overheard him telling a psychiatrist nurse, sex is fun and you should enjoy it. I thought that was sexual harassment. As a patient, I worried what the psychiatrist would do to me if I say something. Often a time he would wear faded cords too tight revealing his butt. He should pull his shirt down. Dr. Yaxley and him would talk about their Armani suits they won at this function and that function. Last they have won was at Crofton Manor. They both loves blonds. Dr. Yaxley and him would often sit next to a blond RN and RPN. They would favor them. Both would be oogling at staff and patients low cut top. I know this because I would ask staff if I could go into the staff room to get cream for my coffee. Of course, Dr. Wilkins-Ho would brag about his expensive haircut costing around $250. He doesn't dare work at the mental health team anymore because Dr. Rajpal Singh talked to a patient's daughter and the daughter threaten with a lawsuit against him and the mental health team. Dr. Yaxley would joke about if you microwave food container and eat out of it. Your breasts will be enlarged. Mostly, they would said this to the RPNs.
    Submitted: August 29, 2016

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