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Professional Eye Examinations
There are still some people that think that eye examinations are not necessary for people who can see well. The fact is that there are a number of eye diseases that can go undetected until it is too late. We routinely see patients who were asymptomatic but were found to have glaucoma, retinal hemorrhages or retinal holes; these can be a serious threat to vision if left untreated. Routine eye exams are recommended for everyone. A child’s first eye exam should be at around 6 months old, followed by one at age three, then before school. A school age child should be checked every year or more frequently if indicated. Adults younger than 60 should be checked every two years and yearly if over 60 years old. Again more frequently if indicated. 

Children’s Vision Care
Children’s eyes can change quickly and by examining your child on a regular basis, we can stay on top of any changes that may occur. Below are the main visual kills we test for which are required for good performance in school and athletics.

Visual Skills
Distance and Near Clarity – Children should be able to see clearly in the distance as well as near. Myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism ( a warpage of the cornea or lens) can rapidly sneak up on children and affect their performance. On the other hand, there are some children with hyperopia (farsightedness) who may be able to see distance clearly but have significant difficulty seeing things close-up.

Ability to Change Focus – Switching focus from one distance to another requires use of the focusing muscles. Spasms of the reading muscles can cause headaches, since extra work is required by their visual problem.
Binocularity – This describes the ability to use both eyes together. This is important in eye tracking and depth perception. For example, if one eye is significantly more nearsighted than the other, the child may have reduced stereopsis. This is because the child uses the better eye more frequently, and tends to suppress the eye that can not see clearly.

Health Checks
A routine exam should also include an examination of your child’s eye health. We use a biomicroscope to examine their lids, lashes, sclera, corneas and lenses, and an ophthalmoscope to look inside their eye to examine the retina and optic nerve.

Contact Lens Related Services
Our doctors are constantly updated on the latest in contact lens technology. We make sure the contact lenses not only meet your vision and comfort needs, but also are healthy choices for your eyes. Software designed custom contact lenses are also available to maximize your vision and comfort. This is particularly useful for people with high astigmatism, irregular corneal shape or those who need multifocal contacts.

We have a good selection of frames for every age group. Frame brands such as Burberry, Versace, Rayban, Juicy Couture, and Guess are available. In addition, we have a large selection of children’s frames. Once you pick up your favorite frame, we will send it to an excellent optical laboratory where fine quality lenses are edged and mounted to your frame. Specialty safety glasses can also be obtained in our office for occupational use.

Non-Surgical Refractive Correction
For those who do not like to wear glasses, you can have the option to get rid of your glasses with a pair of special “OK” (Orthokerotology) lenses to wear while sleeping. These lenses are worn to modify your eye’s optical power so that you get excellent vision once you remove them. The procedure is free from surgical risk! And it is reversible! This is especially useful for active children. We use computer software designed lenses to maximize comfort and vision. Almost everyday we have young patients whose current glasses can not make them see clearly any more.  Some of them were told that they need stronger prescription every year. These “OK” lenses are found to slow down or stop the progression of nearsightedness. They are healthy choices for eyes as well. This is also a good option for those adult who do not want to take the risk of laser surgery, or those who cannot stand their contact lenses because of dry eyes or other reasons.

Vision Therapy
For these who have eye co-ordination problems such as lazy eye or crossed eye, we can design a series of eye exercises to help them obtain better eye alignment and eye movement control. Vision plays a vital role in children’s learning process. Some children can see the smallest line on the chart, but cannot read properly, or can only read for ten minutes. One possible cause is that they may have difficulty in eye movement control. Some people have very limited ability to change focus. All these can be improved with properly designed vision training.

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    When it comes to Retinal Detachment Detection, it’s important to note that not all detachments come with symptoms. Getting regular eye exams is essential in preventing a detached retina, so see a local Optometrist in Richmond, BC, such as Dr. Jennifer Yu,.

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