Dr. B. Robinson, Optometrist, Saskatoon, SK

Dr. B. Robinson

Dr. B. Robinson

Saskatoon, SK
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Professional care for the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision form the very heart of our optometric office. We've prepared this section to help you understand the level of care we take, including the time we devote to each stage of analysis and recommendations. Your visit to our office will involve careful testing using exacting electronic equipment, a thorough discussion of options available for your vision and our personal interest in your overall good health.

We feel privileged to be able to take care of our patients' eyes and vision.


We are proud of our extensive selection of frames. We carry over 1500 ophthalmic frames from a wide variety of designers. This assortment offers the latest trends in fashion as well as traditional styles. We also offer a wide selection of sunglass options. Our knowledgeable and educated optometric assistants can suggest the best-suited frames and lenses out of the many available for your individual needs.

Contact Lenses

Doctors Robinson and Lukenchuk have a dynamic contact lens practice. The integrity and health of the cornea may be affected by contact lens wear as the cornea receives approximately 80% of its oxygen from the atmosphere and contact lenses act as a barrier to this oxygen. We are responsible to you to ensure and maintain the health of your eye when wearing contact lenses and we check the lenses we prescribe and supply to ensure they are well suited to your eyes.

We provide careful attention to both the initial fitting and any ongoing adjustments when discussing and supplying contact lenses to our patients. We carry a wide variety of contact lenses in stock, and for your convenience, a variety of competitively priced contact lens solutions.

To reorder your contact lenses, please complete this form.

Edging Lab

Doctors Robinson and Lukenchuk have a complete on-site edging lab, allowing us to execute the edging required for a large number of plastic lenses. The edging lab is made up of three pieces of exacting electronic equipment. Each lens is checked throughout the process for quality control.

The edging process begins with a form tracer, which feeds information directly to the CAD blocker. Our optometric assistant keys the parameters or measurements of the required lens into the CAD blocker as well. The WECO edger then cuts the lens to specification. After finishing the rough edges on the file stone, the lens goes through a final check. After the final check, the lens can then be fitted into your frame.

Adjustments and Repair

Our professional optometric assistants are trained to help you with adjustments and repairs of your frames both when the frames are new and after extended wear.

Quality Control/Warranty

We stand behind the quality of the products we offer. In our experience, by offering higher end quality products and materials, our patients have been able to enjoy longer lasting frames and encounter much fewer problems than they might experience with cheaper products. The companies we deal with are concerned about their products and offer warranty on manufacturer defects.

As optometrists, we are concerned enough about the quality of the lenses we prescribe and the treatments we may recommend that, we have become closely involved in the quality of optical care provided by sources outside our actual office.

Dr. Robinson is currently serving on the board of two optical laboratories, Prairie Ophthalmics in Saskatoon and Nokai Canada, a Japanese manufacture of high quality lenses who has established a coating lab in Saskatoon.

Dr. Lukenchuk serves on the board of Horizon Laser Vision Center, the state-of-the-art laser eye surgery centers in Saskatoon and Regina.

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