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. Anna Fyodorova is a top-rated physical therapist. As a leading PT specialist, she offers a hands-on, one-on-one approach to physical rehabilitation. Brooklyn physical therapist Dr. Anna Fyodorova provides a fundamentally new form of innovative and personalized rehabilitation care. She combines traditional physical therapy techniques for shoulder, back, knee, hip, and ankle pain with alternative therapies and cutting-edge chiropractic services. An interview with Dr. Anna Fyodorova: Why Physical Therapy? I was a kid who grew up loving and playing sports from a very early age, in junior high school I began to swim competitively, in high school I began to run competitively and by the age of 17 I was racing triathlon. At the same time, it was also time to choose a college path, and physical therapy seemed like the perfect fit, combining my love for science and medicine with my love for sport. I attended LIU, beginning with their honors program, I finished a Bachelor’s degree in three years and was accepted to their Physical Therapy program, so I stayed. During my college and PT program I began to run marathons and race triathlon more seriously and competitively, being on several sponsored teams, Nike CPTC, SBR. Best Physical Therapy Associations Brooklyn NYC Professional Accolades and Certifications What Happened After PT School Graduation? After I graduated PT school from LIU, my parents said I can take the summer to train for my first Ironman Triathlon, this was 2005, in Lake Placid, by the end of the summer I was offered a PT job in acute care at the now NYU Lutheran Medical Center, I took the job. Acute care taught me a lot, it was fast, made me very aware of critical clinical conditions and being able to differentiate between acute clinical diagnosis and conditions. USA Swim Coach Ironman Certified Coach USA Track and Field Certified Coach Certified in First Aid and CPR I now have extensive experience with orthopedic, stroke, and cardiac patients. In addition, I have many years of outpatient experience, specializing in hand therapy, cardiac rehab, joint replacement rehab, stroke, and general conditioning, OA treatment, LBP and fibromyalgia and numerous and various post-operative patients with great success returning them to functional mobility independent living. I am also working with athletes, both elite and amateur to have them return to sports and resume their active lifestyle, returning patients to World Championships status and playing professional sp

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Registered massage therapists help with whiplash is an injury that you experience, that most people experience, from car accidents. You can also have it from a sports injury.The technical term for whiplash in the medical literature is whiplash associated disorders, or WAD, and that’s what we’re going to refer to it as today. WAD happens when your head is thrown about, usually forward and sometimes backwards and side to side and treatment from a local RMT Registered Massage Therapist .

It can be any other direction but that’s the general idea. And it’s an acceleration, deacceleration injury when the neck structures have to respond to that force that comes into you.The types of symptoms that you might expect after a car accident and a whiplash injury would be anywhere from moderate to no symptoms at all. And the moderate symptoms generally consist of stiffness in the neck, some mild achiness, maybe some mild headache, and you might feel that you’re more sensitive to cold than you normally are.

The more severe symptoms that people might feel are ringing in the ears, dizziness, loss of memory and pain coming down their arms. With whiplash injuries, there are many factors that go into deciding how much pain you’re going to be in.The force of the impact is one, and in some cases – not all cases – people have what they call low velocity injuries, where it’s a slow-moving, low-impact, but the patient experiences a lot of pain afterwards.

And a lot of patients have really bad injuries and have no pain afterwards, and so what’s the difference? The difference is the intangible factors that come into deciding how much pain you have. One of them – or a couple of them – are social factors and often seeing a local RMT Registered Massage Therapist .

So, how your social life, your home life, your work life is going. If you’re experiencing any anxiety and depression at the time. Also, general health will affect how much pain you experience, so the better your health the less impact it’s going to have, the worse your health you’re going to experience more pain.Women also tend to experience more pain after car accidents and whiplash injuries, and it’s generally thought it’s the ligament laxity or the joints are a little bit looser in women, they tend to be more flexible, so when impact comes they move more and tend to be injured more during car accidents.If you have any further questions about whiplash injuries, you can go see your local rehabilitation therapist. Those therapists are either your massage therapist, your physiotherapist or your chiropractor.


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