Yatra Yoga Studio is located at the foot of Burnaby Mountain, beside Simon Fraser University (SFU); and offers a variety of classes for both beginner and advanced students of all ages!! Yoga is after all for every-'body'!

Given that Yoga is a ancient and authentic practice dating back thousands of years, at YATRA we believe that classes should be taught with a classical focus in mind. Such a focus - evident in our approach to power, hatha, restorative and yin classes - affords our clients one of the most complete exercise programs for achieving optimal mental and physical health.

The word Yoga transcribes an ancient Sanskrit root which means 'to unify' or 'to yolk,' and came to mean in the Indic languages 'the holistic healing of the body and mind.' It involves a system of postures called asanas that tone, strengthen and bring flexibility to the entire body while calming the mind. In addition to these postures, breathing exercises called pranayama, deep relaxation and meditation are all combined to form the structure of the classical yogic practice.

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