Custom Orthotics
Orthotics help to support and align the lower body, from the feet up, to reduce unnecessary stress to the lower body’s joints and soft tissue. Orthotics can be used for sport specific purpose or day-to-day use. Orthotics can help reduce soreness in you lower back, hips, knees, shins, ankles, feet, and/or toes. They are used effectively to treat acute injuries, arthritis, diabetes, post-op, and are often used as a form of preventative medicine. Check the “Injuries and Conditions” page to see if your soreness is listed to learn more.

Our orthotics are made with over 15 years experience and with the industry’s top technology. Each of our orthotics are made from a non-weight bearing cast of your feet. This mold is then used to engineer your orthotics to the specifications determined by your pedorthist. Each orthotic is 100% custom made.

Contrary to popular belief, orthotics can be made to fit most shoes. It is not always possible to fit one orthotic to all shoes a person owns, but for almost all shoe types, there is an orthotic to pair with it.

Custom Knee Braces
White Rock Footcare Centre offers full custom knee braces to support grade 2 or 3 tears to your collateral and cruciate ligaments. We also offer custom osteoarthritis “unloader” knee braces to help take away your arthritic pain.

Our patients receive custom Breg knee braces. Breg has proven to be an international authority in knee bracing.

Ankle and Knee Braces - off-the-shelf
White Rock Footcare Centre carries the industry's leading ankle braces to protect against and treat inversion ankle sprains. These braces are recommended for athletes who play sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and rugby. Also for those who receive recurring ankle sprains with activity. Our products consist of the ASO evo, Aircast, and Breg ankle braces.

Our rehabilitation professional endorsed knee braces in stock treat and support against runners knee (patellofemoral syndrome)  and jumper's knee (patella tendinopathy).
Superfeet: off-the-shelf arch supports
WRFC carries premium insoles, made by Superfeet, to support the foot and align the body. NO other off-the-shelf arch support gives the level of support that is provided by Superfeet. This is an inexpensive way to achieve lower body pain relief and is often a good starting point before getting custom made orthotics. Our variety of Superfeet products can fit any style of footwear; from athletic, dress, heels, skates, skiis, boots, etc.
Planter Fasciitis Night Splints
Plantar fasciitis night splints will help you achieve pain-free first steps when you get out of bed in the morning. Our product can be covered through extended health plans, with a doctors prescription.
Walking Boots
Walking boots are often used in place of a cast. They are applicable for bone or soft-tissue injury to the foot, ankle, or lower leg.
Footcare Products
White Rock Footcare Centre carries a variety of foot care products, from creams, lotions, and powders for common foot and skin ailments, to toe supports and splints. Come in and see what we have!

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