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A smile can say it all, without so much as a word. What is your smile saying? Aesthetic Dentistry at Wall Centre Dental will help you maintain and enhance your unique smile. The one that instantly proclaims your personality and captures the attention of everyone you meet.  

Let's face it, Cosmetic dentistry is in. A bright smile is beautiful; a brighter smile is even more so. With modern advances in whitening, bonding and veneers, you no longer have to settle for worn, discolored misshaped teeth or even old crowns that don't match anymore.  Smile makeovers are fast, comfortable, exceptionally durable and look beautiful. A new smile gives you the confidence and self-esteem to present a whole new you. At Wall Centre Dental, we can help make your smile your greatest asset at Wall Centre Dental in Downtown Vancouver.

Our goal is to provide smiles that are not only comfortable and beautiful, but natural looking. The shape, contour, colour, gum line, translucency (light transmission), and proportions are among the many things that are taken into consideration to create beautifully natural smiles.

Did you Know

92.5% of people agree that an attractive smile is an important social asset.
88% of people say they always remember someone with an especially attractive smile.
85% of people agree that an unattractive smile makes a person less appealing to people of the opposite sex.
74% of people agree that an unattractive smile can hurt a person's chances of career success.


Only 50% of people are satisfied with their smile

Survey by
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

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