Yoga and Qigong are distinct spiritual practices that developed in India and China respectively, and probably around the same time period. As physical disciplines they are very different, but there are resonances in understanding that suggest that information was being shared as the practices developed.

of practice include increased suppleness, strength and balance, deeper breathing and equanimity based on a quiet mind. Acquiring the strength, flexibility and mental stamina to create a difficult asana or maintain a Qigong stance gives us tools that can help us relate to the stresses and challenges of life. As the relationship between practice and daily life deepens, practice becomes not something we do, but something we live.


Beginner classes at Vital Breath focus on learning to relax, to centre, and slowly uncover a natural way of breathing that is both deep and smooth. The poses provide an opportunity to stretch and strengthen the body while focusing the mind on the task at hand.

classes are for students with at least a year’s experience of Yoga, some basic familiarity with the poses and an interest in deepening their practice with more challenging poses and breathing exercises called Pranayama.

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