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General MRI Services
We offer a number of general exam services:
Breast MRI
The Ville Marie Breast MRI Center is Canada’s first Breast-dedicated MRI site. Having a Breast MRI is now an integral component in the screening, detection, evaluation and management of breast cancer. While the technology and staff can also do other types of MRI, priority is always given to Breast MRI. One of our specialties is breast cancer screening. Our facility is Canada’s first breast-dedicated MRI Center.
As Canada’s first breast-dedicated MRI Center, our facility is the first Canadian site to combine the latest MRI technology and the Sentinelle breast coils to produce high quality breast MR imaging and MR breast biopsy capability.
We also offer Canada’s first Siemens-Sentinelle designated Breast MRI Center of Excellence for image production, research and staff training and testing for new MRI-guided biopsy technology.
Our Unique MRI construction concept on the 9th floor permits windows and natural sunlight to minimize confinement-related effects sometimes associated with MRI exams.
The Ville Marie Breast MRI Center is the first site to link the Espree MRI magnet to the new Sentinelle’s Vanguard breast specific table. This unique partnership produces very precise breast images.
The Ville Marie MRI unit contains coils that can enhance the smallest details and help the Ville Marie Breast MRI experts to distinguish benign from malignant signals. The Ville Marie MRI unit also provides the most complete access possible for MRI-guided breast biopsies.
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