In 1993, the Government of British Columbia announced the decision to integrate midwifery into the health care system in order to regulate midwifery and give women more choice about birth setting and care. The first registration of midwives in British Columbia was January 1998. Since then, data has been accumulating consistently concluding that planned home birth attended by qualified caregivers [midwives] can be a safe option for low-risk pregnancies.

Midwifery in British Columbia is primary maternity care – from the first prenatal visit until six weeks postpartum. Midwives attend to the needs of women during normal pregnancy and birth, in both a home or hospital setting. Prenatal visits follow the same schedule as with family physician, but tend to be longer.  Midwives are licensed to order laboratory tests and prescribe medications pertinent to maternity care. Midwives are dedicated to education and informed decisions, applying evidence-based health care. 

The Village Health Clinic offers midwifery care as well as naturopathic treatement options for nausea & vomiting, constipation, varicose veins & hemorrhoids, bladder infections, and many other pregnancy-related health conditions. Most midwifery clients access services through preconception care with our Naturopathic physicians, preparing for healthy pregnancies through diet, prenatal vitamins/folic acid, exercise, identifying risk factors and addressing pre-existing health concerns with natural medicine.   Our Naturopathic physicians have also helped many couples address infertility with natural medical approaches.

Midwifery services are fully covered by the Medical Services Plan.  Preconception care and prenatal vitamins are available through Naturopathic services which can covered under extended medical plans.

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