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Vancouver Hypnotherapy provides technical hypnosis. We believe hypnosis is a therapeutic tool. It is a modality that can be used within health management that has a genuine role to play. This explains why our clients include doctors, directors of credit unions and professors at local universities.

There are various other kinds of hypnotherapists. Some are ‘metaphysical’, some are more geared towards alternative therapies including reiki and ‘soul cleansing’. Some therapists will even share details of their troubled journey and invite you to participate on a voyage to your own inner peace. No therapist of this nature has a place at Vancouver Hypnotherapy.

When I see websites expounding the skills of a hypnotherapist that offers reiki, life coaching, spirit cleansing and has a quote from Buddha, I immediately switch off – and check that I still have my wallet. I advise you to do the same. Hypnotherapy need not be flakey. If, during your search, you come across a therapist who so much as mentions The Secret, Quantum Physics or ‘Self’ on their website, you should probably move forward elsewhere in your search – unless you are specifically looking for a metaphysical solution. We do not provide a service of that nature. Whilst I acknowledge the importance of spirituality, the approach at Vancouver Hypnotherapy is one of professionalism and technical competence.

I enjoy all aspects of hypnosis, and my staff and I have a thorough all round knowledge of many hypnosis activities. However in the clinical setting, we concentrate on technical hypnosis for the specific benefits our clients require.

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