FIRST STEP. A class designed to introduce the postures and breathing of Hatha Yoga in a supportive and nurturing environment.

SECOND STEP. A natural progression from the First Step class. A deeper exploration into Hatha Yoga.

HATHA INTERMEDIATE.  The base of all yoga classes is a classical blend of postures, breathing techniques, and meditation sequenced intelligently with the goal of inspiring a healthy body and uplifting the mind. Asanas (postures) stretch, align, help detoxify the body, and promote balance, flexibility, and concentration. Learning to move with the breath releases a wealth of vital energy, cultivates a clear, peaceful mind, and brings us in touch with our spirit. Classes incorporate mantra, pranayama, yogic techniques and meditation.

HATHA GENTLE. A class designed around a soft flow of postures which are modified with intermittent relaxation which allows the absorption of the benefits of each pose and the class as a whole. This is a wonderful restorative experience, great for those recovering from an injury or under stress. A class for all ages and levels.

HATHA COMPLETE. This Para Yoga style class focuses on the tradition of bringing together the physical, mental and spiritual aspects in a powerful way. The style integrates subtle techniques of yoga into a group class dynamic helping students explore a deepening of their practice. Para Yoga aims to build the knowledge and application of yoga so that we can fulfill our true unique potential and let happiness and joy guide us in our daily lives.


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