Hot Hatha Yoga
Hot Hatha Yoga is a challenging series of yoga postures and breathing exercises conducted in a heated room to systematically warm, stretch and strengthen the major muscle groups. It works the body from the inside out, from the micro to the macro level. All internal organs and glands are stimulated, balancing the body’s natural chemical and hormonal levels. Much attention is given to the spine and this produces a profoundly beneficial effect on the nervous system. The heated environment reduces risk of injury and facilitates the release of bodily toxins.

Hot Hatha Flow Yoga
Hot Hatha Flow is similiar to Hot Hatha but is not a set sequence. Incorporates some of the Hatha sequence with more movement and Vinyasa inbetween. A rejuvenating class with a calm flow.

Hot Power Flow Yoga
Hot Power Flow is a warm, flowing meditative class harmonizing breath with movement and cultivating strength, agility and flexibility. The practice builds physical co-ordination and mental focus, taking students to new levels of fitness. It works the entire body, with an emphasis on upper body strength. Both Hot Hatha and Hot Power Flow are suitable for beginners and those practicing on an advanced level.

Pilates is a series of very specific exercises executed on a mat or on specialized Pilates equipment. The exercises have a specific sequence, breath and flow. The goal is to develop deep, stabilizing core strength in the abdominals and the lower back. The idea of deep awareness and focus is basic to all Pilates exercises.

  • Pilates Level 1:
    A basic class suited to those new, or fairly new, to the exercises.
  • Pilates Level 1-2:
    An open class for the beginner or intermediate.
  • Pilates Level 2:
    Suitable for intermediates and those who would like to work on a more advanced level.
  • Hot Pilates:
    Pilates in a heated room for greater intensity and detoxification.

Hatha Yoga
Quite simply Hatha Yoga means yoga of the physical body. It is the material yoga for tuning the body with the soul. This is yoga in the more traditional sense, promoting balance, precision and flexibility.

  • Hatha Level 1:
    Suitable for the beginner and intermediate student who prefer a gentle and thoroughly relaxing class.
  • Hatha Level 1-2:
    Builds on the Hatha Level 1 class. Students are encouraged to gently explore more challenging postures and variations.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga-áis a class that builds strength and stamina. It is a flowing asana practice that emphasizes a sequence of movements synchronized with breath and eye focus.-áThe-áfast-paced flowing vinyasas aim to purify the mind and body.

A perfect blend of Yoga and Pilates.

Hot Fusion
Yoga and Pilates in a heated studio.

Community Classes
A great way to experience the great classes offered at Tula for a reduced price, opening up the wellness benefits of yoga and pilates available to all. Partial proceeds go to charity or community oriented organizations. These include:

Corporate Yoga & Pilates
What office would not like to enjoy the following BENEFITS? Reduced stress, a healthier body, a calmer mind, greater energy and enhanced concentration?

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