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When a client establishes a coaching partnership with True North Coaching a process begins that is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Clients receive a Welcome Package that includes articles about coaching, coaching definitions, an agreement statement and, most importantly, a Foundations Questionnaire, so that they can begin thinking about their goals, values, purpose, strengths, blind spots and obstacles. Coaching Sessions Coaching is typically done by phone from the convenience of the home or office. The client calls at the specified time with an agenda for the call. Coaching is about living with intent so the client sets the agenda. Four-Month Commitment Each coaching partnership begins with a four-month commitment simply because change happens over time. While much can be accomplished in a single session, time is needed to integrate new habits, fully implement plans and realize goals. Four months also allows the coaching relationship to progress though the ebbs and flows of life. For most clients, the first set of goals and objectives are just the beginning. Growth is a never-ending process.

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