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The Pilates Method is system of physical conditioning that aims to create balance in the body through exercises that are supported by breath, awareness and attention.


Bellydance is one of the world’s oldest dances, having a rich vocabulary that is elegant and uniquely feminine. Bellydance has its roots in social dance and has evolved as a dance form that is expressed in many ways whether it be in performance or for personal growth. Women of any age can benefit, increasing grace, muscle tone, fluidity of movement and not to mention it’s a lot of fun!


Yoga is a practice of postures, each of which has a specific physical benefit that cultivates a sense of well being by developing our ability to live in the present.

Alexander Technique:

The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method for recognizing and overcoming habitual limitations in movement and thinking. The technique teaches us to expand our awareness and increase our sensitivity to movement. With increased awareness of what our habitual patterns are, we are able to make new choices. These new choices allow us to redirect ourselves with improved ease, balance, flexibility and coordination.

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