The Halton Outdoor Club

Cross- Country Skiing
Luxury coaches take us to snow country for day, weekend and over-night outings. We visit traditional spots near Georgian Bay, the Kawarthas, Haliburton, Quebec, Sault Ste. Marie and the USA. A typical day-tour begins in Burlington at a central meeting place. A stop is made at Oakville to pick up members from that area. Once you load your equipment on the bus you can catch some quiet time, or chat with friends, while the bus takes you safely and comfortably to ski country. Arriving at the ski resort, we usually pay less for trail fees as a group.

Some members try to cover as many kilometres as possible; others are just happy to ski at a more leisurely pace. After a full day of enjoying the trails, fresh air and camaraderie, there's no need to worry about the drive home. Just board the bus and savour the wonderful feeling that only comes from a day of fresh air and physical outdoor activity. Or you might join in on the fun and good times as the snacks make the rounds.

Road Cycling

Road Cycling became a summer activity for the Halton Outdoor Club back around 1980. In the first years there were from five to fifteen different Sunday rides organized and often put together by the same leaders. But within the fourth year of cycling in the club, there were rides on every weekend from April until October.
The day-rides took riders over a variety of roads, often north of Burlington. Now the day rides use a wider territory and there are several starting points for these rides including Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Dundas, Campbellville and elsewhere. There are several distances available each day and riders are provided a map and usually step by step road directions for the tour. We stop for lunch and we ride at a pace that most people can keep up. Shortly after the start, the group breaks up into smaller groups and they each ride at different speeds. You will certainly find some riders that are going at your speed. The current road cycling group are now known as the Road Tourers

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