Sweet Momma Spa

At Sweet Momma Spa in Edmonton Alberta we focus on Pregnancy Massage and the following services:

  • Massage Therapy; Sweet Momma therapeutic massages are tailored for each woman’s specific stage of pregnancy.  
  • Induction Massage; induction Massage helps to relax and calm the body, easing tensions and reducing stress.
  • Thai Massage for Pregnancy; Thai Massage is performed on the floor on a firm mat. Please bring comfortable loose clothing to wear during the massage. 
  • Lymphatic Massage;  lymphatic Massage is designed to stimulate lymph circulation to enhance detoxification and waste removal from the body. 
  • Nursing Massage; Sweet Momma massage therapists ease your discomforts of breastfeeding with the ultimate upper-body massage.
  • Baby Massage; baby massage is an ideal way to enhance bonding, aid in growth and development, and improve sleep and relaxation for both parent and baby.
  • Private Couples Massage Class; learn to massage your partner! 
  • Head, Neck or Foot massage Add-on;  add a relaxing head and neck or calming foot massage extra to your massage treatment to further unwind and make the most of your spa experience.
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