Surrey Sailing Club offers a range of courses for both beginners and more experienced sailors. These evening courses start in May and run through to August. They are available to persons aged 12 and older. Surrey Sailing Club's instructors teach White Sail Levels 1, 2 & 3 which cover both basic and more intermediate sailing skills. White Sail courses are Canadian Yachting Association courses and our instructors are trained instructors.

This is a wonderful way to be introduced to the joys of sailing on the expansive waters of Crescent Beach. Most of the time is spent on the water using the club’s fleet of training sailboats. Certificates are awarded to all successful students.

 White Sail Levels 1 & 2 covers basic sailing skills and both are usually completed simultaneously in an 8 lesson block, held twice weekly in the evenings, over 4 weeks.
 White Sail Level 3 covers intermediate sailing skills and is usually completed in an 8 lesson block, held twice weekly in the evenings, over 4 weeks. White Sail 1 & 2 is a prerequisite.

The club loans the Basic Sailing Skills book to students for the White Sail 1 & 2 course. It can be purchased for $20. For those wishing to improve their sailing skills, the Advanced Sailing Skills Guide used for White Sail 3 is available for $25. The class schedule is subject to the availability of instructors and a sufficient number of students. It may be changed without notice. Students need to be comfortable on the water, be able to swim, and supply their own Life Jacket.

Membership is not required in order to participate in these training courses. Links to documents relevant to sailing lessons are shown below. The costs of tuition are subject to change from year-to-year.

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