Sullivan Optometry


Sullivan Optometry is a full scope primary eyecare setting. Our optometrists, Dr. Moison and Dr. Nurani ensure that all patients receive a thorough visual assessment.

With a Complete Examination, each patient has an initial consultation with Dr. Moison or Dr. Nurani to assess your specific needs. Then comes the determination of your prescription: we use only digital equipment that is based on wavefront technology. This gives a truly high-definition refraction for your new glasses. You will then experience your new prescription in a trial frame before you order your glasses.

After having prescribed your best possible correction, Dr. Moison or Dr. Nurani will then assess the health of your visual system. This includes:

  • A visual inspection of the eye's structures
  • An evaluation of your eye's internal pressure, using Tonopen* (no air-puff at Sullivan Optometry!)
  • A dilated evaluation of the retina
  • Digital retinal photography
  • An automated peripheral vision test

Other Services Include

  • Emergency visits for red eyes/foreign bodies
  • Contact lens fittings with the aid of corneal maps
  • On-site edging lab
  • Nutrition consultation services
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