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Bliss Massage

Bliss MassageA rich blend of traditional techniques combined with original maneuvers that are dynamic and three-dimensional. Stretching and body movement are integrated into the massage experience enhancing the sublime relaxation offered by this deluxe treatment. Fluid, enveloping and comforting, the Bliss massage is a journey to the height of your senses.

Four-Hand Bliss Massage

Four-Hand MassageThe symbiosis of two therapists specially trained in the art of the Bliss massage. Like a sacred dance, the synergy of the massage therapists allows a deep surrender and great comfort for your body and spirit. The Four-hand Bliss induces a sense of well-being that goes beyond words.

Rain Massage

Rain MassageA wave of delight. As well as alleviating muscle tension, this treatment balances your nervous system and detoxifies your body. Preoccupations are washed away and you emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. (Includes a full-body exfoliation and hydration. See spa.)

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone MassageHeated, smooth, volcanic stones are used to create an experience of profound relaxation. The massage is given slowly and gently with the hot, oiled stones, calming the entire nervous system. Grounding and comforting, this treatment takes us beyond our thoughts to a peaceful state deep within.

Therapeutic Massage

Swedish Massage

Therapeutic massage that aims to dissolve muscular tension while enhancing muscle tone and joint function. Its effect is both tonifying and relaxing.

Sports Massage

 This massage prepares the muscles of the body prior to a sports activity. It is likewise effective in the regeneration of muscle tissues and overall recuperation after an intense physical workout.


 This massage helps relieve pain and discomfort associated with different chronic and acute tensions through the use of mobilizations, stretches and precise, effective methodologies.

Neuromuscular Therapy
 Technique that uses specific exercises and methods to restore the full amplitude and normal function of the solicited muscles.


Shiatsu uses touch to revitalize or rebalance areas of the body where energy, or "chi", is lacking or in excess. Pressure is exerted on specific pressure points of the body stimulating energy circulation. Steeped in traditional Asian wisdom, shiatsu teaches us to view human health in its physical, mental and psychic totality. Comfortable clothing required.

Pregnant woman massage

Conceived for women who are more than three months pregnant, this approach employs specific techniques to help pregnant women attain a state of overall well-being, helping them to sleep well and maintain good circulation.

Lymphatic Drainage

 Applied to the lymphatic pathways, this massage contributes to the elimination of toxins and to the regeneration of tissue cells.

Relaxation Massage

Californian Massage

Often qualified as a relaxation massage, this oil massage consists of fluid, continuous and enveloping motions. Especially suited for people who suffer from stress, it increases your body's awareness and allows you to achieve a state of openness, relaxation and peace.

Esalen Massage

 This oil massage is based on a soft, slow and intuitive touch and its’ therapeutic approach is characterized by an absence of precise techniques.

Lomi Lomi Massage
 This traditional Hawaiian massage consists of long, fluid and rhythmic motions. It helps to re-establish the harmony between body and mind.

The therapist’s hands are used to channel universal energy to stimulate self-healing. Spiritual in nature, Reiki treats the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the individual.

The purpose of reflexology is to re-establish the harmony between body and mind. Through massage, pressure points and the application of heat to the reflex zones of the body, one's energy blockages are removed.

Thaï Yoga massage
A unique style of body work which incorporates stretching, acupressure lines and assisted Hatha yoga postures. The benefits of Thai yoga massage are: balancing and energizing, stretching and tonifying muscles, releasing muscular tensions and increasing flexibility.

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