Slowly breathe in and out—and smile with satisfaction!
If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, then your smile is an accurate reflection of your state of mind. Would you like to wear a confident, radiant, cheerful or winning smile? At Spa Dentaire Laval, we do everything we can to give you a unique, personalized, irresistible smile.

Aesthetic dentistry gives you a healthy, natural, wonderful smile!
Cosmetic dentistry is a new dentistry field that has revolutionized the way in which dentists evaluate the criteria for an attractive face. A beautiful smile increases self-esteem and projects a confident image.

The first step is to gather information on your smile. A clinical and radiological examination is necessary to evaluate the state of your teeth. The use of intra-oral and extra-oral photography, digital radiography, and an examination of supporting tissue make it possible to evaluate all the factors that affect your dental health. Attention to detail and meticulous care are needed to achieve the best results for your smile.

Bite into life with beautiful teeth! 
Dental implants are an excellent way to replace lost or damaged teeth or uncomfortable dentures. Dental implants consist of a small titanium root that the dentist inserts into the bone of the missing tooth in order to create an anchor that replaces the tooth’s natural root. The implant becomes the support for the replacement of the tooth.
Dental implants have many advantages: 
• Durability
• Strength
• Stability
• Comfort
• Easy care
• Attractiveness 
Would you like to bite into a beautiful red apple without any problem? Spa Dentaire Laval’s NobelGuide™ implant technology offers innovative aesthetic solutions. Put an end to the annoyances caused by damaged or missing teeth or by uncomfortable dentures.
Thanks to the NobelGuide™ revolutionary treatment planning and implementation system, you can quickly restore a wonderful smile and incomparable oral health. Put an end to worn, discoloured, missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures.
NobelGuide™ is a revolutionary treatment planning and surgical implementation system that allows us to prepare for surgery before it takes place. Extremely easy and precise, it shows us the exact position and depth of the implants in order to make a highly accurate surgical template. This saves time for both of us.

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