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We aim to provide comprehensive care of patients with epilepsy and seizures within a clinic setting. As a neurologist Dr. Bercovici sees all types of patients who have neurological symptoms or diagnosis. However, as an epilepsy specialist his main focus is seizures/epilepsy. Please see below for details

We provide general epilepsy care but also subspecialized epilepsy treatments including surgical workup. pregnancy and epilepsy, Ketogenic diet / Modified Atkins Diet, neuromodulation such as Vagus Nerve Stimulator.

We also provide ongoing adult epilepsy care for those who don’t have a current neurologist or those transitioning from their pediatric neurologist. If you would like us to provide ongoing consultation while being under the care of your regular neurologist this is possible as well.

Dr. Bercovici works in several locations:

Southern Ontario Epilepsy Clinic (Sherway Medical Clinic) Toronto Western Hospital

In addition Dr. Bercovici can see patients for follow up via telemedicine (called Ontario Telemedicine Network). This means Dr. Bercovici can see patients from all around Ontario via secure connection This can be done locally in your town or city and will reduce travel time and cost. Please notify your team if this interests you.

General Neurology

As a general neurologist and epileptologist Dr. Bercovici will see other neurological conditions and is able to diagnose and manage most common neurological conditions. If it needs specialized testing such as nerve conduction studies he may refer to one of his colleagues. If treatments fail he may refer you to one of his colleagues specializing in those fields.

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