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The Sound Hearing Clinic team offers an extensive array of services to assess, protect, and optimize hearing. Sound Hearing Clinic is located on Burrard Street in Vancouver (across from St. Paul's Hospital) in Vancouver. We visit numerous outreach locations on the north coast of British Columbia. The clinic was incorporated in May 1995 and opened to begin providing hearing solutions in September 1995. Our goal and #1 priority is to provide a unique and personalized hearing solution tailored to our client’s lifestyle and individual needs. Continuing professional education is a priority at Sound Hearing Clinic. Team members attend national conferences annually and are involved closely with the Provincial Association. We value and promote continued professional education and development, and strive for continuous business improvement and development. My vision is to provide the best in customer relations, audiology and hearing instrument services of any hearing clinic in Canada. It is our team’s mission to maintain or to improve the quality of life for each client through optimizing hearing, and our goals are;


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