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CPAP Therapy is considered the first-line therapy for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea, based on it's effectiveness in correcting respiratory events, related arousal's and improving morbidity. 

  • We provide a free trial period of 4-6 weeks offered to patients, including the mask
  • 1 to 1 1/2 hour consult to initiate therapy.
  • We offer the largest choice of equipment in the Lower Mainland.
  • We prepare our patients with sufficient knowledge to ensure maximum success. This knowledge base profoundly affects success.
  • Requisitions may be sent via FAX and SLEEPTECH will ensure patient begins therapy. Patient's may be "set-up" in their home at no extra charge 

Patient's follow-up will include overnight oximetry 
Annual complementary consult provided to ensure continued usage 
Progress report sent to physician at 1 month

Details include: 

  • Subjective/objective compliance 
  • Side effects incurred/actions taken to alleviate symptoms 
  • Interface utilized/other trials with interfaces 
  • CPAP unit 
  • Humidifier utilized

Most extended health benefit plans cover 80% of CPAP therapy. SLEEPTECH is able to directly invoice many of these plans. All plans require a physician's letter describing in detail patient's condition and prescription. Sample letter may be provided by request. Some plans require pre-CPAP overnight test. 

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