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How SelfCare works with health care professionals and their facilities
SelfCare works in partnership with you and your facility to ensure that the right medical equipment and services are provided in a timely fashion.

We offer three types of support services:

Evaluation support is available to help make appropriate decisions as to which medical equipment and supplies should be selected. Technical support is delivered by our service technicians who can perform equipment assessment or repairs at your facility. Often weekly appointments are established to assist facilities with equipment maintenance or to identify and source parts for equipment repair. Administrative support is provided by our customer service representatives, in the form of reporting or and assisting the facility in billing residents directly.

The installation and delivery technicians work to ensure our products are delivered and set up in the home or care facility safely, in good working order, and on time. They set up the equipment in the appropriate configuration and provide equipment instruction to the client, his/her caregivers, and the health care professional regarding the proper use of the equipment.

Yes, we book an actual time, in ½ hour increments, that someone will arrive at your door – no waiting all day for a delivery!


SelfCare has the trained technician to find and solve any problem. Many of our technicians have an electronics degree and all of them have the mechanical aptitude and continuous manufacturer training to keep you on the road if you falter. Our technician’s problem solving skills go beyond mechanical repairs to the initial set up and testing of many of the products before they are delivered.

SelfCare is an authorized service site for all of the products it sells. Repairs can be performed on site or at the store.


SelfCare honors all manufacturers’ warranties and can provide warranty repairs for all the products it sells.


SelfCare recognizes that clients need to trial a wide variety of equipment as part of the assessment procedure. In addition to fitting and assessing this equipment, SelfCare fervently believes that the equipment should be tried by the client in his/her residence and not just in our stores or in a facility.

To this end, once equipment has been selected as being a possible solution by the client and assisting health care professional, SelfCare can arrange to have the equipment delivered to the client’s home and set up for further assessment of its suitability. The client and health care professional trial the equipment for as long as the health care professional deems necessary to ascertain the suitability and effectiveness of the equipment in meeting the client’s needs.

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