Welcome to Saskatchewan’s premiere Pilates centre – the largest, most fully-equipped Pilates studio in the province. Come and experience the integrity of the exercise – integrating mind and body for everyday living.

Our programs offer supervision while encouraging independence in a supportive learning environment. As in all physical conditioning, continuity is an important factor in achieving on-going progress.Three sessions per week are optimum for making alignment changes and for general physical conditioning that will encourage maximum performance enhancement.

Mat Work
Mat classes from Fundamentals to Advanced levels offer a series of  60-minute sessions once or twice weekly. Appropriate placement in a class is based on one’s physical history. Classes are offered during daytime or evening with limited class size.

Mat classes are run on a six  week cycle and  have a weeks break between sessions.

Equipment Work

•Private/Semi-Private Each client has their own program that has been designed for their specific needs. Each private or semi-private session lasts 60 minutes.
•Structural Integration Work Private sessions are offered for clients requiring rehabilitative or modified work

•Group Equipment Classes

A group class has a teaching element in it as well as a supervised personal workout. These classes run on a set block of sessions and clients are responsible for making up any missed classes within that that block of time. There is NO carryover.

Therapeutic Ball Release  Classes

RELEASE with SMALL BALL: Using dense balls,traction and body weight, learn a distinct and
systematic rolling method to: elongate and free muscle, release fascia, free joint capsule restriction,separate muscle compartments and identify and release trigger points. These classes run on a set block of classes and there are no make-ups or carryovers.

Stretch Classes

Using a contract/release (PNF) principle these classes follow the teachings of Kit Laughlin to fully stretch muscles and keep them long. These are run on a set block of classes and there are no make-ups or carry overs.

Open Gym

Open gym classes have NO teaching element but are designed for a supervised personal workout. Clients are charged by the individual time and is valid for 1 year.

Gyrotonic (R)

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM ®was (developed/invented/created/) by Julio Horvath through many years of exploration of the body’s movement patterns and anatomy. GYROTONIC®Methodology, as derived from the words “gyro” (meaning ring, spiral or circle), and “tonic” (to invigorate or tone), is a unique system involving movements that incorporate both stretch and strength while increasing mobilization of the joints. It is a very distinct method combining exercises and equipment, as well as incorporating the diverse movement principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and Tai Chi. These sessions are all done with privates.

Pilates for Golf

A new program to help the serious golfer. This program will improve your swing and increase your drive, while keeping your back safe and your core strong.

Pilates for 50+

A class designed for older beginners. This class focuses on alignment,balance and flexibility.

Personal Fitness Programs
As individual physiques vary, so will individual responses to the Pilates exercises. As you progress, your program will evolve according to your individual requirements.

- Every 2-3 months we will review your program and discuss any
current physical concerns or new goals you may have.

- Please keep us informed of any changes to your physical status (e.g. illness, injury or pregnancy) that may affect your ability to perform your exercise program. After an extended absence of three weeks or more you will be required to book a private session for re-orientation (subject to request and availability)

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