This class concentrates on linking movement with breath and creatively exploring alternative sequencing of postures and themes. An invigorating, strengthening, and challenging class that aims to enhance inner calm.
*Suitable for students with previous yoga experience

Perfect for those who would like to work at a slower pace. This class emphasizes moving with ease and comfort with breath awareness to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Your yoga will naturally evolve from a place of relaxation and fluid focus.
*No yoga experience required

This class is moderately-paced between basic and intermediate poses, building core strength and flexibility. Focus on alignment, breath, and inner intention while challenging your body. Suitable for all students, especially those looking to deepen the roots of their yoga practice.
*Suitable for all levels

Iyengar focuses on the precise alignment of the muscles, bones and joints. Moving slowly through the asanas (postures), this practice pays close attention to their more subtle aspects, using props to support and assist students when needed. Iyengar Yoga increases your flexibility, stamina, and strength, awakening the innate intelligence inherent in the body.
*No yoga experience (or flexibility!) required

Kripalu Yoga is a gently challenging classical style of Hatha Yoga, including physical yoga postures, breath-work and meditation. Kripalu, often referred to as the yoga of compassion, encourages an inward focus.
*Suitable for all levels

In this class, the Yang practice will be drawn from the Ashtanga/Vinyasa Flow traditions to stretch, tone and strengthen muscle tissue. During the Yin practice, postures will be held gently for several minutes releasing tension in the connective tissues, allowing joints to move more freely.
*Suitable for all levels

Similar to Gentle Yoga but with flowing sequences and more challenging variations. A stimulating class of movements including sun and dog salutations, strengtheners and standing poses that allow a complete body warm up and awakening. Minimal instruction and inspiring music allow the student to leave energized and serene.
*Suitable for students with previous yoga experience

Invigorate your body and mind with deep yoga fusion. -áThe class is open to all levels and will heat your body through sun Salutations and creatively sequenced -ástanding poses. -áIt will move into -áa deep journey releasing the hips and hamstrings and end with a relaxing restorative Savasana.
This class will move your body, release your stress and invigorate your breath.

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