Richmond Naturopthic Medical Clinic

; Mesotherapy Lipodissolve is a medically proven non-surgical injection technique that can promote localized fat loss!

    * Prolotherapy: Prolotherapy is also known as non-surgical ligament reconstruction, and is a treatment for chronic pain

    * Blood Allergy Testing
      A simple blood test is performed. From this our labs can identify up to 200 food allergens. This test will provide the client with a list of what foods to avoid, what foods to rotate every week, what foods not to combine and what foods to eat freely. All this from a simple blood test! Tests are most often reimbursed by extended health services!

    * Seasonal Allergy Treatments
      Simple natural nutrients are used to calm down the allergy response and "re-educate" the immune system. Results are long lasting and often permanent! No side effects as with antihistamine drugs, which only block the systems. Treatments can often reduce symptoms the following year!

    * Detoxification
      All natural nutrients are used to support the liver's ability to neutralize and remove toxins from the body. This is true detox! Not like many products that promote detox yet are no more than laxatives or diuretics.

    * Manipulation

    * Physical Medicine

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